how to get raid medals in coc by 5 easy steps in 2023

Hello friends, If you’re wondering how to get raid medals in CoC and don’t know how, this article will be very helpful to you.

This article will simply define raid medals. In Clash of Clans, how do you get raid medals? the application of raid medals and some frequently asked questions

some extra hints on how to get more medals So keep reading until the end to find out how to obtain raid medals. and how do I get these?

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How to get raid medals in coc

raid medals in clash of clans

After the update of clan capital in Clash of Clans, a new resource-exchange shop is open in Clash of Clans for players to access these features players have to look for some balloons hanging out in the bottom left.

corner of the base and from there you can click on it so you will be redirected to a new base known as clan capital there you will find some low-level bases but they are different from your normal.

base and you will find raid medals to obtain those medals you have to follow 5 easy steps and after completing these 5 easy steps you will get raid medals so let’s start the journey

Steps to follow: –

  1. First of all, open your Clash of Clans game and wait till your base is loaded.
  2. look for some balls on the lower left of your base and simply click on those ballon
  3. after clicking you will come to a clan capital base.
  4. look for the raid map on the lower right side of your screen and click on it
  5. choose the base you can beat and attack it once you get Victor the raid medals will be credited to your account.

NOTE – These steps are genuine and if you follow the steps as I told you then you will get your raid medals definitely, and I hope you got the answer for which you are looking fo

Use of raid medals in coc

The best use for raid medals, which I also follow, is to exchange them for 250000 gold, or the same as Elixier, because portions can be obtained from anywhere and sometimes are even free.

But these are the resources that are difficult to obtain; we must fight battles and invest in elixir to train troops for battles; thus, I prefer these resources in exchange for

raid medals coc chart

raid medal coc chart

Coming to the point there were no such fixed criteria to determine the exact amount of what you get in a clan capital war raid medal.

It varies war to war and player league to league but sometimes it depends upon the clan also so what you can do? all you can do is getting you into a very good clan

By good clan, I mean that the players of that clan are very good in leagues and the clan must be above level 10 so that you can rely on them because having a clan of level-10 is a good sign that the clan is very active.

and they play clan war from time to time to maintain the level and upgrade.

We concluded what are raid medals, how you can get them and where you can get them so I hope you got the answer to your question which you were looking for if you like the article
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what are raid medals, basically they are the tokens that we get from clan capital war and once we got them then we exchange them in traders’ shop with the exchange of gold, elixir , and dark elixir as your

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What are raid medals in Clash of Clans?

Raid medals are a currency used to participate in Clan War Leagues. They are earned by successfully attacking enemy bases and looting their resources.

How do I earn raid medals in Clash of Clans?

You can earn raid medals in Clash of Clans by attacking enemy bases and looting their resources. The amount of raid medals earned is dependent on the difficulty of the base attacked.

How can I improve my chances of earning raid medals in Clash of Clans?

To improve your chances of earning raid medals in Clash of Clans, you should focus on attacking bases that are difficult to defeat.

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