How to Skip Levels in Gardenscapes?

Got stuck in the middle of The Gardenscapes but I don’t want to retry that level repeatedly. Note: There is no chance the game will provide you an option to skip any level, in this game there is no option to skip the levels by default.

Don’t worry I have got you covered! Because we’re going to share two easy hacks from which you can skip the levels.

Hacks to Skip Levels in Gardenscapes

These two hacks can be used to skip any hard level that you’re not able to clear since there is no default option to skip a level.

Changing Layout

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When you’re stuck on a level, changing the game layout can be a helpful option to clear it. To try this hack, start the level but don’t make any moves. Then, exit the level and restart it. This won’t skip the level, but it can present you with an easier layout instead of the harder one sometimes. Keep in mind that this may not work for every level, but it’s worth a try.

Game Currency

In Gardenscapes, it’s better to spend your in-game currency wisely than to use the hack of Changing Layout. Use your currency to buy extra lives, boosters, and moves instead of trying to skip levels with the hack.

You can earn coins in Gardenscapes by completing levels, participating in daily lotteries, or watching non-intrusive ads.