How to Repair Vehicles and Machines Farming Simulator 22?

Playing Farming Simulator 22, for a very long time and your vehicle and machines need repairing but don’t know how to do it. Then congratulations because you’ve arrived at an appropriate page.

But don’t know how to check your vehicle condition? Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered! In this article, we all are going to learn about how you can repair or fix your vehicles.

Know About Your Machines and Vehicles’ condition

As you all know every vehicle needs maintenance at a specific time in Farming Simulator 22. Vehicles are also just like your land and cows if you don’t maintain them, you can lose productivity and quality.

First of all, to check your vehicle’s condition you have to use the vehicle for a while to get it repaired. After that, you’ll notice two-gauge one orange and the other one will be blue at the right-hand side of the speedometer at the bottom of the UI. Note: The important gauge that you have to check is the orange one in the spanner icon.

If the orange gauge or the orange bar is full, then your vehicle condition is at peak and if it’s low then you’ve to get it repaired. The orange bar decreases as long as you use the vehicle or machines.

How to Repair Your Vehicles and Machines

You can also maintain your vehicles and machinery if the orange bar is even slightly lower than full. The vehicle shop will be denoted as a shopping basket icon. When it comes to finding a repair workshop, it’s so easy to find! You can easily find a workshop at your beginner farm in Elm Creek.

Once you arrive at your destination you have to look around and find a spanner (Wrench) icon near the shopping basket icon to begin the repair procedure. You can see in the image given below that the shopping basket icon is on the right and the spanner icon is on the left.

Important: You have to park your vehicle which you’ve to get repaired in the yellow and black marking outside the garage door.

After parking the vehicle properly at the yellow and black making you’ve to walk up to the spanner icon which will show and UI prompt “Dealer: Open Vehicle Options” Then you’d arrive at a screen where you can view your vehicle condition, customize, repair or repaint your vehicle according to you.

It will also charge some fees according to your customizations and repair costs. After the repair, your vehicle is back with the new performance.

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