How to Fill Up Fertilizer in Farming Simulator 22?

Fertilizers are very crucial key for your productive and quality farms. So, today in this post you are going to learn something new about your farms and land.

For your information, I would like to tell you that there are many types of fertilizers available in Farming Simulator 22 like Solid Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers which are artificial fertilizers and also there are Slurry and Manure which you can get easily from animals like pigs and cows which improves yielding to maximize your crops.

How to Fill Fertilizers in Farming Simulator 22?

filling up

To do so, first, you should make sure that you’ve fertilizers! If don’t then you can purchase them from the Garage in Farming Simulator 22, then a menu will pop up. In that menu just scroll down and select the fourth option (Objects). On that page, you’ll notice the Bigg Pallet Option and purchase only a few according to you. After purchasing the fertilizers the Big Pallet will spawn near your fertilizer spreader.

Note: Every Bigg Pallet contains 1000L of Solid Fertilizers.

Once you have purchased and installed fertilizers in Farming Simulator 22, the next step is to align yourself in front of the line of Bigg Pallets and drive towards them. Click on the Use Object Button according to your gaming setup and you will see the Fertilizer Spreader start to fill up.

You can easily check the amount of fertilizer in the spreader by observing the white color filling up the container. As the spreader fills with fertilizer, the Bigg Pallet will gradually disappear.