How to Feed Villagers in the Medieval Dynasty?

In the Medieval Dynasty, survival depended on your skills and the ability to feed yourself and your villagers and also to maintain the sustenance of your villagers. So, in this article, we are going to share various methods on how to feed villagers.

How to Feed Villagers Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty’s villagers could be very useful in terms of maintaining the village and could be given some jobs but what about their health? So, there are various methods on how you can provide sustenance to your villagers. The following steps are mentioned below.

Growing Crops

The most effective and easy way to provide sustenance to your villagers is by planting crops on in land. Once you collected the crops save the seeds for future planting. After this procedure, you can create some delicious meals for the villagers.

Hunt Animals

There are many types of animals available in the Medieval Dynasty that have very high nutritional value. But it requires a lot of risks, to avoid the risk you should hunt rabbits and other small animals. Note: For hunting animals, you must carry any weapon like a bow or a spear.


To avoid hunting the animals which also carry the risk of getting slaughtered by bears or any other wild animal you can go ahead for fishing. Fishing is also a good option for providing food to your villagers. But for that, you have to be prepared with a fishing rod, bait, and other fishing gear.

Buying Food from Trader

If you have a shortage of food and crops, then you can go ahead and buy food from the trade to maintain the food for villagers. The trader sold a variety of items in the Medieval Dynasty like vegetables, meat, and bread.

Building a Food Storage

As your village gets more developed, you can build food storage. Building a Food storage will help in capturing more food into it for later to feed villagers.

Additional Tips

You can assign a capable worker for any work in the Medieval Dynasty, but you should at least have level 4 Farming experience to act as a farmer. For example, you can assign a capable worker for your farms to manage your crops.

Villagers in the Medieval Dynasty don’t eat until their hunger value is below 60/100.

You can provide your crops or raw ingredients for designated food storage space to your tavern keeper from which he can prepare Delicacies.