How To Feed Cows in Farming Simulator 22?

In Farming Simulator 22, our main focus is learning how to feed cows, which involves purchasing a cow barn, feeding cows, and various ways to earn profits from cows.

Farming Simulator 22 features four different breeds of cows that serve different purposes.

Angus and Limousin: These breeds are not raised for milk production, but rather for their meat or profit due to the time they spent under high-quality food and environment.

Brown-Swiss and Holstein: With these cows in Farming Simulator 22, you can produce high-quality milk for a range of delicious dairy products.

Prices are determined based on the age of the chosen breed, which can range from newborn to 18-month-old.

How To Buy a Cow Barn?

To get started, go to the store and click on the construction menu. Then, hover your cursor over the animal tab and choose the cow that best suits your needs in terms of cost, land, and facilities. There are four options available for you to choose from.

Basic enclosed cattle pasture: The value of this cow barn is around $75000, which allows you to hold 15 cows in a row.

Small Cow Barn: The value of this cow barn is around $254,000, which allows you to hold 45 cows in a row.

Large- Cow Barn: The value of this cow barn is around $518,500, which allows you to hold 80 cows in a row

Automated Large Feeding Cow Barn: The value of this cow barn is around $722,500, which allows you to hold 80 cows in a row. The cow barn is quite different from the other three barns as it features robotic machines that automatically feed cows. All you have to do is load the machines with hay, silage, or straw. This barn also provides a nurturing environment for the cows.

How To Feed Cows?

In Farming Simulator 22,

Providing your cows with TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is the key to ensuring their optimal health and productivity in the long run. Don’t settle for anything less!

TMR, also known as Total Mixed Ration, is a highly nutritious food for cows. It can be created by mixing hay and silage in a Mixer Wagon. This mixture is primarily given to cows to increase their productivity in large quantities.

You must mix Hay and Silage (straw is optional) in the Mixer Wagon to create a pure TMR. Be sure to use a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 75% to achieve the perfect balance.

You can create it more easily if you have an Automated Cow Barn to feed cows. You just need to add the ingredients and the robots will automatically do the required procedure to feed cows.

Various Profits You Can Make from Cows

The key to generating higher profits is simple: keep your cows healthy. The healthier your cows are, the more profitable they become. So, invest in their well-being and reap your rewards.

It’s important to note that cows are valuable because as they grow, they produce both dairy products and beef, which can significantly increase profits.

Did you know that cow waste and slurry can be an incredibly effective source of fertilizer for your farms? By utilizing this valuable resource, you can improve the health and yield of your crops and ensure that your farm is operating sustainably. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste – start using cow waste and slurry as fertilizer today!

By adding straw to your cow barns, you will produce valuable manure that can be sold to biogas plants or used to fertilize our farms. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your profits and improve sustainability.