Adjust your Own Aim Down Sight Sensitivity

As a gamer, it’s natural to strive for excellence in every game you play, especially in combat and shooting games like Rainbow Six Siege. To succeed, you need to improve your accuracy, aim, and knowledge of weapons and the game’s various locations.

We are going to let you know how you can create your own sensitivity to be better or more professional. Follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Head over to the main menu, you have to select the gear icon.
  • Now you have to enter the Controls Sub-Menu.
  • There select the Controller ADS Sensitivity or Mouse ADS Sensitivity according to your respective gaming systems. NOTE: Gamers playing with the mouse have to select the Mouse ADS Sensitivity and the players who are playing with the controller or joystick have to select Controller ADS Sensitivity.
  • In the Controller ADS Sensitivity or the Mouse ADS Sensitivity, you will see two options- Standard or Advanced.

Standard: You can set the same Aim Down Sight Sensitivity for all the scope magnifiers.

Advanced: You can adjust Aim Down Sight Sensitivity for different scope magnifiers using sliders for better aim and accuracy.

Now click on Apply to save your settings.

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