7 Best Village Locations to Build Your Village in Medieval Dynasty

Surviving is very difficult in the Medieval Dynasty when it comes to shelter and your surroundings. The condition or future of the village depends upon the location. So, choosing an appropriate location to build a village in the Medieval Dynasty was a little difficult.

Don’t worry- I’ve got you covered! Today, in this article we are going to learn about how to select the best location for the safety and success of you and your villagers.


In this article, we are going to share locations that are suitable according to your needs and resources. If you play Medieval Dynasty regularly you must know the value of a proper village location for construction of your village.

Criteria for best locations

  • Distance from Water Bodies or Rivers
  • Distance from Forest
  • Distance from Mines
  • Distance between Nearest Villages
  • Perfect Terrain

Water Scarcity can take very ugly forms for you and your village and land so that’s why you have to be close to the water bodies.

As you play the game in the human character you need food to survive in the beginning, In the beginning, you don’t have enough food or fuel to survive, so you need to hunt animals and cut down trees to complete your basic needs. Being close to the forest makes it easier to obtain food by hunting down animals.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be at less distance to other villages because you have to do a lot of trade, you also need villagers in your village and buy animals like cows, etc.

You don’t only need food for the growth of the village but also need minerals and ores to maintain the economic growth of the village, and being at less distance from the mines and cave can solve your issues and effort.

Finding flat terrains in the Medieval Dynasty can save you time and effort in chopping down trees and maintaining the land on a level.

1. Halfway Between Gostovia and Denica

NOTE: This location can be ideal for builders and those who love to do farming.

Distance from Water Bodies: Being close to lakes and rivers makes this location best for the cultivation of crops, farming, and bathing.

Distance from Forest: As you can see in the background of the lake there is a forest nearby, so you don’t have to worry about hunting animals.

Distance from Nearby Towns: This location can be very helpful for you because there are many villages around this place like Borovo and Gostovia which are the closest, which can help in trading.

Distance from Mines: This place is not a good spot for the miners and those players who want to collect resources quickly as the mines are a far distance from this place and sometimes you might have to swim across the rivers to reach the mine.

Terrain: This is a good spot for farming and building as it has flat land which can save your time and effort in clearing trees and maintaining the land level.

2. North of Barnica

NOTE: This place is best for self-sufficient farmers and builders, nearby rivers, ideal terrain, and hunting. There is limited trade and access to mines.

Distance from Water Bodies: Every location or place near a river or any water body is advantageous for a community or a group of people. As the Water Bodies provide water fresh drinking water, irrigation, and so on……

Hunting: This is also a good spot for hunting, you will mainly find rabbits and moose which can resolve your problem related to source the of food to feed your villagers.

Distance from Mines: Nearby mines in your village can be very useful. You can collect your essential minerals and ores very easily at a short distance from your village.

Distance from Nearby Towns: Being near other settlements like Baranica and Branica can easily open a gate of trade for you. Trade can make your village economically stronger just by the exchange of goods, clothes, etc.

Terrain: This location’s land is also in-level where you don’t have to put more effort into clearing the area for construction, farming, or any other activity.

3. Southeast of Tuki

NOTE: This location can be an all-rounder for everyone but especially best for Miners and Hunters.

Distance from Forest: This location is best for everyone, and it is also situated near the forest.

Distance from Water Bodies: When it comes to nearby water bodies or lakes, it is a little far away from the location, you might have to hike a little bit to reach there.

Hunting: You don’t have to worry about the source of food and products obtained from animals. Deers are mainly seen in this area.

Terrain: The land is flat, but you have to put some effort into clearing the trees and areas nearby before constructing any building or planting any crop.

Distance between Nearby Towns: If you love to trade goods from one place to another then you should build your village here, as it is close to other four villages: Tutti, Branica, Baranica, and Rolnica.

4. Southeast of Denica

NOTE: This location can be ideal for farmers, nature lovers, self-sufficient builders, and survivalists. this place is not for those who are interested in Mining and Trades.

Distance from Forest: This location has the best combination of resources and beauty where you don’t even have to worry about woods because there are plenty of trees.

Distance from Water Bodies: As you all can see there is a very beautiful view from the combination of hills, trees, and lakes and this location is even close to the water.

Hunting: You can get food from hunting here but you’ve to search for it a little bit.

Distance between Nearby Towns: Unluckily, there are not any nearby villages from which you can trade goods, so you need to travel a long distance to get to a village to trade.

Distance from Mines: There are no mines available around this location so you’ve to travel a distance to find one. This can be very boring, but you’ll get to see beautiful views of nature.

Terrain: This land is best for farmers due to its large space and flat terrain.

5. West of the South Mine

NOTE: This location is only best for the Miners as the South Mine is very close.

Distance from Forest: There is no need to worry about wood as there are much number of trees in this location.

Distance from Water Bodies: There are no water bodies or lakes from which you can use water for bathing and drinking.

Distance between Nearby Towns: There are also not any nearby towns or villages close to each other. However, there are mines around this location, which makes mining and collecting valuable minerals and ores easy.

Distance from Mines: If you’re a player who loves mining then you can explore underground mines which can make your visit worthwhile. This location is not ideal for farmers and traders.

But if you’re thinking that it’s much easier to collect minerals and ores from this spot then you might be wrong. Note: This South Mine is guarded by two bears, so make sure that you are prepared for a battle with your weapons on.

Terrain: This land is also not very flat, but it’s slightly mountainous.

6. Halfway between Hornica and Jezerica

NOTE: This place is perfect for nature enthusiasts, hunters, farmers, and also self-sufficient builders. There are limited Trade and Mine options as disadvantages.

Distance from Forest: This location contains various animals like foxes which can tell that it is easy to gather food and animal products.

Distance from Water Bodies: As you can see a small pond is surrounded by plenty of trees which creates a very beautiful view, which makes it a good spot for the water body.

Distance between Nearby Towns: The view of trading is limited here as there are only two villages nearby each other- Jezerica and Hornica, and the traders here also contain a limited number of coins, so if you want to trade more then you have to travel a far distance for extensive trade.

Distance from Mines: The distance from the base to the mine is also longer than usual.

Terrain: This place has flat land which is perfect for farming and construction of buildings.

7. Northeast of Hornica

NOTE: This location can be also named the thrilled place as it is not for beginners it is just for experienced players, hunters, and survivalists. It is a suitable spot for village expansion.

Distance from Forest: This location is a perfect spot for hunters as there cannot be any shortage of food due to the abundance of animals in the forest. There are not very dense trees, but it holds a decent number of trees.

Distance from Water Bodies: As you can already see here is a beautiful scene of mountains and rivers from which there are no issues related to water.

Distance between Nearby Towns: Trade is not much possible in this area because there is only one village here named- Hornica, for better trade you must go to other villages.

Terrain: You can’t say this place is not too flat nor too hilly, you can construct your buildings and plant your crops. When it comes to expanding your village you’ve to put some effort into clearing some of the trees.

I would personally not recommend this location for beginner players, as it contains high risk. I would suggest only a veteran or an experienced player to build their base here because this place contains more risk and challenges than the other locations.